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Higher Education

Academic Institutions must identify new ways to remain productive, innovative, efficient and solvent. Universities and colleges are challenged as never before by growing public concern regarding the cost and value of higher education and increasing competition for research funding.

Administrative expenditures seem to outpace investment in the core research mission, and administrative tasks divert investigator effort away from research itself.

A shift away from basic research to find solutions to the many critical societal challenges opened new funding opportunities for translational research but also new challenges. Translational research is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary, often involves stakeholders from outside academia, meaningful results are expected at a much-accelerated timescale, and resulting technologies may have the potential for commercialization. We offer approaches to develop successful collaborations and streamline intellectual property strategies for a faster path to commercialization.

HSNA has the experience and record of accomplishments to work with academic institutions to re-align their institutional strategies with regional and national priorities, develop metrics to measure performance and track progress, and identify innovative approaches to unlock the value of the research enterprise and its faculty.

Healthcare & Biotech

Much research is conducted outside of institutions of higher education, in healthcare organizations and biotechnology companies. Our team has worked successfully with public and private healthcare systems and the biotech industry.

We provide individually tailored solutions to specific issues that healthcare organizations and biotech companies encounter in the performance of research.

Hospitals, contract research organizations & others who do research outside of universities need help to understand the implications of an ever evolving regulatory and compliance environment to be able to determine the proper path forward. We offer unique experience in the development and efficient implementation of regulatory and compliance programs, including human participant involvement and protection in research. Success in these industries requires, among other capabilities, building strategic partnerships, recruiting, motivating and retaining talent, and the implementation of cost-effective compliance and regulatory programs. For new biotech startups, access to capital and marketing the vision are critically important. HSNA has a proven track record success in helping biotech and pharma companies, especially younger ones, succeed in this highly competitive environment.


Federal funding for nondefense R&D reached $63.8 billion in 2016, of which $31.7 billion went for conduct of R&D for Health. This is comparable to the $59.3 billion given by charitable foundations, of which $33.1 billion went toward Health. Over the past decade, both federal and philanthropic funding has experienced stagnation and even declines. These funding declines have resulted in universities contributing increasing amounts of their own funding to their research enterprise, which is decreasing the share of federal and state and local funding to total R&D funding even further: U.S. federal government’s share for higher education R&D declined by 9.7% from 63.9% in 2004 to 57.7% in 2014. State and local government’s share of funding for higher education R&D declined even more in the same time frame, by 15.2%, from 6.7% in 2004 to 5.6% in 2014, largely due to shifts to other costly priorities, such as health care. We bring expertise in analyzing your current funding portfolio and identifying your strengths for future investments.

Public-private partnerships offer opportunities for research, education, and entrepreneurship that are too often left untapped. HSNA has experience and expertise in bringing together public and private partners to address pressing issues through research building and sustaining efforts that recognize community sensitivities, bring multiple stakeholder groups to communities, and work with foundations to articulate the value proposition of such collaborations.

HSNA has experience in helping foundations and other funders to determine the value of their programs and to prioritize their asset investments. The successful research institution will need to become more tightly coupled to its local and regional communities to provide resources and solutions to community based problems. Not only must research institutions engage in long-term partnerships that focus on tangible results for pressing community problems, develop appropriate solutions and implement these solutions in true partnership with the communities, they also must identify funding sources in collaboration with new partners. Foundations want tangible, measurable proof that their investments are making a difference. We have provided input to foundations into how or where they should invest their resources to validate that their investments are sound and in impactful and important places.


During the past 50 years, the federal government and B&I have reversed roles in their relative importance of funding total R&D in the U.S.: In 1964, at the height of federal funding for research, the federal government’s share was 65% and B&I’s share was 27%, whereas in 2015, the federal government's share was 23% and B&I's share was 69%. Cooperative research partnerships among corporations, institutions of higher education and nonprofits are becoming increasingly important for finding and implementing solutions for complex problems to yield positive societal and economic benefits in a timely manner.

Such partnerships require rules of engagement that respect and leverage the different cultures, and provide a flexible framework that facilitates sharing of intellectual property. We have executed many such partnerships over the years, developed and executed frameworks for shared IP, and created shared value between partners.

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