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    Tailored Analytics
    Leveraging organizational data to identify
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    Collaboration & Entrepreneurship
    Facilitating partnerships to drive discovery and revenue
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    Institutional Compliance & Ethics
    Finding balance to promote efficiency and integrity

serving higher education, healthcare, biotech, governments, non-profits, corporations

Analysis, Advice and Implementation

Herman, Strauss, Neuhauser & Associates (HSNA), offers novel, data-driven, just-in-time solutions to strategic and operational challenges faced by research enterprises in the academic, healthcare, nonprofit, and corporate environment. We have expertise in strengthening organizational capacity, developing public-private partnerships, promoting the commercialization of intellectual property, refining research regulatory and compliance programs, and identifying new sources of research support and revenue.

HSNA brings strengths in creating opportunities for collaborative research within and across organizations, and in guiding its development. We have experience in promoting more efficient use of an institution's research infrastructure. In an era where unnecessary administrative burden competes with investigator time and resources, we offer advice on structuring effective and balanced institutional research compliance activities without compromising institutional ethics.

Optimizing the use and reuse of quality data across the “data life cycle” from data acquisition to archiving is essential for success in research. HSNA can enhance or craft policies and practices for data governance, access, workflow for analysis, and data storage within a framework that protects proprietary information and promotes access and use.



Higher Education

Academic Institutions must identify new ways to remain productive, innovative, efficient and solvent. Universities and colleges are challenged as never before by growing public concern regarding . . .


Healthcare & Biotech

Much research is conducted outside of institutions of higher education, in healthcare organizations and biotechnology companies. Our team has worked successfully with public and private healthcare . . .


Governments & Foundations

Federal funding for nondefense R&D reached $63.8 billion in 2016, of which $31.7 billion went for conduct of R&D for Health. This is comparable to the $59.3 billion given by charitable foundations . . .



During the past 50 years, the federal government and B&I have reversed roles in their relative importance of funding total R&D in the U.S.: In 1964, at the height of federal funding . . .


  • Our skilled consultants partner with organizational leadership to identify priorities and explore opportunities for intervention.
  • Our experts collect and analyze data to measure and track changes, understand organizational culture, and identify barriers to progress.
  • Our team proposes and presents solutions tailored to organizational priorities.
  • HSNA constructs strategies for effective implementation, metrics to gauge success, and works to refine and redirect efforts when bottlenecks stall progress.

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